How to Complete Your Projects

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  1. Johnny plans to finish 5 big things this week.
  2. The week ends with him only completing 1 big thing.

Sound familiar?

Peeps overestimate how much time they have to complete the things they want to complete; so, their plans suffer, with them not being as productive as they want to be.

It goes like this:

  1. "I want to complete all these things!"
  2. "Let's start on the first item!"
  3. "Let's continue to work on the first item!"
  4. "I'm still struggling through this first item!"
  5. "There's so much more to do wity the first item!"

You can spend an infinite amount of time on a task, and you'll always find more things to improve; going down that route however drains your productivity as you leave your other tasks untouched.

Here's a sweet way to be more productive.

Focus on Big Pictures, Daily

  • Complete 1 big picture, everyday.
  • No sleep until you complete 1 big item.

You force yourself to focus on the most important items for the day, instead of worrying about the little details that matters exponentially less.

That keeps you focused on the big picture -- the thing that's 80% most important to your overall progress  -- and not straining yourself over the little details that you couldn't possibly perfect even if you gave yourself a ridiculous amount of time to work on them.

For instance, take Bob.

Bob has plans to launch his new product. So everyday, he chooses one big item that he wants completed:

  • Monday. I've chosen our suppliers.
  • Tuesday. I've completed our marketing materials.
  • Wednesday. I've launched our website.
  • Thursday. I've tested our product with beta testers.
  • Friday. I've sent out first batch of marketing letters.

He gives himself the rest of the time after he completes the big pictures to focus on the little details; for instance, after he completes his website launch on Wednesday, he works on a few more marketing tasks he that he had in mind.

Continually completing one big picture item everyday gets you moving toward defeating your projects efficiently.

You'll see a ridiculous boost to your productivity.

Complete big pictures every day for the rest of X.

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Posted on October 13

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