Why Make Your Business Redundant

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  1. Decades ago, companies ran their stuff on one server.
  2. Then: KABAM.
  3. The server went out.
  4. "What do we all do now?" the employees would say.
  5. "Well, let's just wait until they can fix the server!" the managers would respond.

Result: Productivity Drainage.

Why Make Your Stuff Redundant

Ask yourself this:

If Person X leaves your company tomorrow, will that hurt your company?

For instance, take Superstar Seller Sammy.

  • Superstar Sammy is responsible for generating leads for your company.
  • Without Sammy, you get no one to get your field team into the door.
  • Sammy makes sales happen for your company.

What if Sammy leaves tomorrow?

That means until you find a replacement:

  • You'll generate no sales.
  • You'll generate no leads.
  • You'll generate no revenue growth.
  • You'll quickly burn through cash as you try to find your next Sammy.

When companies back in the day crashed their one server, computer geniuses came up with the redundancy concept:

  • If one server fails, the mirroring server comes to the rescue.
  • Things continue normally as the failed server gets replaced.
  • Productivity continues like it ain't not thang but a chicken wing on a string.

Instead of preventing masses of people from rocking their work (which drains exponential dollars and resources from the company), the company continues like nothing happened.

Productivity stays at its peak.

The redundancy concept:

  • keeps your business flowing
  • helps you leverage your fixed costs as much as $^!@ possible
  • keeps productivity soaring

Create backup plans -- such that if X fails, you have Y ready-to-go immediately.

What Do You Make Redundant?

Select stuff that's crucial to keep your company flowing:

  • your sales stuff
  • your management stuff
  • your products stuff
  • your ______ stuff

For instance, if you have only Sally B as the lead generator:

  • Hire someone that mirrors Sally B to generate the leads for your company.

Can't afford it?

If you can't afford it, do this:

  1. Put out a job ad.
  2. Start interviewing and filing qualified candidates into your database.
  3. Have that database ready when Sally B departs.

Your CEO?

If the CEO of your company goes on vacation, who takes his/her place?

  • Consistently train and groom a CEO-in-waiting.
  • If the real CEO gets retires/quits/gets-hit-by-a-bus, WABAM: you have someone to take over and keep your business flowing.

Your product?

If your ^1 product gets a bad review in a popular magazine, do you have another product to take over the inevitable revenue drainage?

  • Constantly innovate and build equally profitable replacements.
  • Know that if your ^1 product falters, you'll have another (possibly many) to take its place.

Redundancy acts as your insurance against disaster.

It keeps your business flowing.

Mirror vital business X.

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Posted on March 23

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