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Thinking about getting technology business equipment? You won't need to go for the latest and greatest product, when a simple basic system usually will do fine for you. Remember, you're only starting out in business, so you must bootstrap as much as possible. That is, use your money wisely--and only when in desperate need. Some of the basic technology business equipment you'll need include:

Computer with proper software

Small business technology planning starts with a computer. It will be your best friend, as you'll be using it constantly. Get good software for it, and your productivity will skyrocket.


You'll find that you'll be using your cell phone a lot, but quality won't always be clear. When you're at the desk, a good cordless phone will give you flawless reception. You might also want to check out cost-effective Voice-Over IP services, such as eBay's Skype.

Fax machine

You want to speed up productivity as best as you can, and fax machines give you a good start. You can send form applications to vendors across the country within a few seconds, instead of shipping the documents which takes time. You'll be saving a bundle on shipping costs also. If you're just starting, you can save costs by getting a free fax service from j2 communications (


It's vital to make copies of all documents you send out to use as proof. It's also good reference material. A good copy machine will come in handy.

Answering machine or voicemail

Clients usually can call at odd hours. A voicemail system can pick up messages when you're eating dinner with the family, or out vacationing in Europe.

Cell phone

You'll be running around a lot, and chances are good that an important customer will want to reach you when you're away from the desk. Here's a tip: Sell your product to a customer first. Don't bother with getting technology business equipment just yet. When you have a customer, you'll find out what you need.

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Posted on February 18

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