How to Rock Your Business for Ages

Scenario: "Dude, I just gotta tell myself: I believe in myself! I'll do that every time I'm exhausted. I'll make billions. Yay!" It's Friday, and we Trizlers are totally looking forward to a fabulous college football weekend. How are you approaching this weekend? Your choices:

  • a) "It's weekend time! Time to kick it with my lovely family."
  • b) "Work. Work. Work."

What should you be feeling?

Imagine two scenarios:

  • Imagine running across 100 miles without stopping.
  • Then, imagine yourself running in intervals -- with ten recovery breaks in-between.

What method would get you to that finish line quicker? Unless you're some all-world running freak, an overwhelming percentage of us would get to that finish line with those ten recovery breaks. Working non-stop, seven days a week, 16 hours a day, blah, blah, blah -- is akin to running that 100-mile marathon without stopping. When you experience that:

  • Your work becomes sluggish.
  • Your productivity drains severely.
  • You drop your teamwork mentality completely.
  • Your creativity becomes non-existent.
  • You work at a snail's pace.

When you build an entrepreneurial lifesyle that traps yourself on a never-ending running wheel, you produce an unproductive person who's mad at the work, mad at client requests, mad at employee inquiries, and -- just-oh -- mad at the entire world. Unhappy work = sloppy work = hurting your company's credibility. It's a matter of time when you burn out completely, and then dump or sell your business for pennies. We've seen that happen too many times.

Breaks = good.

Our challenge for ya: incorporate some breaks for your badass this weekend -- then notice how your mind feels afterward. At Trizzy, we make it our absolute mission to incorporate full-recovery periods for everybody. We feel that's the only way to sustain our work for another 30-50-70-one-billion years.

"I love my work, you suckas! I'll work non-stop!"

We absolutely love our work too. We love our clients. We love coming to work. We love reading your emails. We love empowering your business to be the rock stars of your industry. Because we had so much fun, we thought we'd rather work all-day-everyday as well. But, when we started incorporating company breaks, we noticed some pretty cool freakin' things happening:

  • We worked a million times faster.
  • We became pretty freakin' creative mutha flukkas.
  • We enjoyed our work so much more.

(Think of the first days of your business, and how excited you were. To us, after every break period -- that's how we felt: Excited to kick-ass like freakin' rock stars.) When taking your breaks, block out your work completely. Go to some remote location. Take a vacation. Key point: Do something that doesn't remind you of your work. When you come back, you'll be that much more excited about your business. More important, you'll keep yourself rockin' the world with your fabulous business for ages. We absolutely promise those suckas.

Take a break. Bake a cake. Go to a lake.

p.s. If you're going to go out this weekend, fabulous reader Terry Ng shared us his awesome article on The Art of Tipping, from his ridiculously good-looking blog. Thanks, Terry!

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Posted on November 03

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