Why Take Business Risks

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  1. I'm scared I'll lose everything.
  2. I won't be able to recover.
  3. Therefore, I won't take the risk.

Think back to your college days:

  1. You dreaded a bad grade.
  2. You eventually received a bad grade.
  3. You survived.

And eventually, you learned from the experience to kick future ass -- rendering the bad grade fruitless.

The crazy way we human folks work:

  1. Anticipation scares us.
  2. Reality gives us options: (a) survive, (b) surrender.

The distinguishable difference between survivors and those who surrendered:

  • Survivors choose to survive.


How Crack Addicts Recover

  1. Rwanda's survivors? They chose survival.
  2. Vietnam's surviving POWs? Survival.
  3. College kids raised from the projects? Survival.
  4. 1896's marathon finishers? Survival.
  5. Recovering crack addicts? Survival.

An account from Angelique Mukamanzi, a 14-year-old Rwanda survivor:

Three days after the plane crash, a small company of us moved into the church at Ntarama: my family and neighbouring folk, with bundles of what we needed to survive. During the day, the courageous ventured out into the surroundng fields to bring back some food. At night, we slept inside or outside, according to who was weak or fit. When the interahamwe encircled the fencing, men began letting stones fly so as to slow down their advance. The women gathered the stones, because they did not want to die any old way.


If a doctor told you your dad/mom/wife/husband/son/daughter had 5 months live, the anticipation leading up to that last day will utterly destroy you.

  • You don't know how you'll survive when the day comes.
  • You can't imagine pleasantries with that future.
  • You anticipate the slow decay of your own existence.

But ask survivors who's been through that experience, and what would they tell you?

  1. I can survive this.
  2. I can go on.
  3. I will endure.

Taking a 'crazy' risk in business? Child's play.

And if the worst-case scenario ever happens:

Choose survival.

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Posted on September 10

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