Why Scare Your Business

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  1. "Hire somebody!"
  2. "No, I can't afford it!"

So, you continue doing the same ol' lame ol'.

You continue sucking like you've always sucked.

Get this: What if you hired somebody?

  1. How would you change your work habits?
  2. How much more productive would you be?
  3. How focused would you become to bring in more business?

Think of new Teen Mom Julie:

  1. Julie: "oH yOu kNo wHatZ! LoLZ!! OmGz! LoLZ!"
  2. Tiffie: "omgZ!! omgz!! wHaT?! whAT?! LoLZ! oMGz!"
  3. Julie: "I WaS pReGGerZ n jUsT hAd mY bAbY! oMGz~!"
  4. Julie: "cAnT hAnG oUt toO mUcH =(. I gOtz 2 tAkE oF tHe bOy wHiLe bAlaNcInG sKooL n mY nEw JoB! OmGz! LoLz! LOLz! i sTiLL <3 u aLL!"

Instead of being the crazy irresponsible wild-child that she was before, she uses her frickin' bomb on her life to get her life straight and productive to care for her her kid.

She becomes more motivated to work her butt off to provide sufficiently for her new family.

Scare Your Business

Similarly, when you scare yourself, chances are, you'll frickin' work your boo-tay off to un-scare yourself.

For instance:

  1. You bring on Billy.
  2. You increase your productivity, amplify prospect contacts, and work freakishly smarter to ensure you can pay hard-working Billy at the end of the month.
  3. You: "I got a new family member! I must feed him!"

That is, an external consequence drives you to change your behaviors to satisfy the consequence.


Try this:

  1. Horrible products? 110% satisfaction-guarantee.
  2. Late on a project? Project presentation by 5 p.m.
  3. Sucking at managing? Discussion of how you suck in 1 hour.

Scare yourself to rock yourself.

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Posted on July 11

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