How to Grow Your Small Business

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What do you see when you look at Apple?

  • "Sweet products! Hooray!"
  • "They make everything so b-eee-autiful!"
  • "Wow! Even their boxes are so lovely!"

But what if Schmo gave you a gut check:

  1. "Apple doesn't manufacture its laptops."
  2. "Apple doesn't make its own boxes."
  3. "Apple doesn't build its own iPods."

If you were an Apple fanboy, would you cry?

Yes, you would.

The Reality Behind Every Big Business

Behind every big business stands a collection of a kazillion smaller companies -- companies that:

  • provides its furnishings
  • builds its products
  • sweep its floors
  • provides its light bulbs
  • serves its food

A collection of a kabazillion smaller companies make Target/Wal-mart/P&G/Google/Intel/Goldman/Berkshire work.

Opportunities: Ga-frickin-lore.

Yet, Aspiring Entrepreneurs Want to Suck

The typical 'magical' entrepreneur like Johnny thinks:

  1. "We got to beat some Apple ass."
  2. "Then, we'll make billions!"

But when Johnny tries to compete against the big fellas, what happens to Johnny?

Johnny ends up sucking, with clients wondering:

  1. "What about 24/7 support when I need it?"
  2. "What if I need some enhancements?"
  3. "Can't this dude go belly-up within months?"
  4. "I don't know if I can trust this guy!"

A few years of exhaustive work later, he sees his potential-to-rock-like-a-mofo evaporate.

Meanwhile, his buddy Stevie in the corner office -- who has actively partnering up with bigger firms, has grown his organization like a fatty.

Don't suck like Johnny.


Find a Friend

Small businesses rarely start off with freakish bangs.

Instead, the smarter route to grow your small company is to first become some bigger company's beyotch.

  1. Find bigger guys to supply your stuff.
  2. Grow your business incrementally.
  3. You'll see yourself gradually becoming bigger and bigger.

...until you're the big guy yourself!

Hooray for you.

How to Start Your Journey

Do this:

  1. Hop on Google...
  2. Then, search "[companynamehere] suppliers"
  3. Or, try "[companynamehere] procurement"
  4. Or, contact a company directly and asking how you can be on its vendor list

(If you're a service company, pitch your ideas. Or, give some value first to show your stuff.)


"But what if I can't break into the Fortune 500 because I don't have a financial history?!"

Try this:

  • mid-sized companies


High-five to you.

Be a bizattchi. Supply bigger bidnezzes.

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Posted on May 29

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