How to Build New Innovations

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  1. Mr. Shabambizzle builds Product A.
  2. He releases his first innovation.
  3. He then builds Product B using Product A's "heart".
  4. Quickly and efficiently, he releases his second innovation -- with little cost.
  5. He soon builds Product C using the aforementioned heart.
  6. (1) Third product, (2) with little financial strain, and (3) high efficiency: CHECK.
  7. etc.

Mr. Shabambizzle wins like a mother-fruckin hero.

To win like Mr. Shabambizzle:

  1. Build "bitch" products -- products that can act as "hearts" to various other end-user products.
  2. That helps you release newer innovations quickly, efficiently, at low cost.
  3. You'll soon provide ridiculously-accelerated value to your customers with newer offerings.

Winner: You.

The Value of B*tch

Think of it like this:

  • A motor is a car's bitch.

It can also be:

  1. an airplane's bitch.
  2. a motorcycle's bitch.
  3. a lawnmower's bitch.

You don't just end up with a "car" -- OH NO! -- you can also end up with:

  • a frickin' airplaine.
  • a frickin' motorcycle.
  • and, a frickin' lawnmower.

You exploit the "bitch" (i.e., the motor) to produce an array of new offerings for your customers.

(Harvard Business Review's C.K. Prahalad and Gary Hamel coins that hub your "core competenticies".)

That is:

  1. You extract a framework from an existing product (e.g., the motor from a car).
  2. You use that framework to build new products (e.g., airplane, motorcycle, lawnmower).

The motor starts becoming sexier, sexier, and oh-so-much sexier.

See The Gold

Ridiculously-innovative companies like P&G, Google, and 3M don't just build discrete user products.

Instead, they primarily focus on core/heart/bitch products that can pave a kabillion new product offerings for their end-users.

That massively saves them time, resources, and a lot of $$$.

The key to your innovative treasures:

  1. Focus on core/heart/bitch products.
  2. Increase how quickly you release new products.
  3. Generate 98978987695785968707676 new offerings for your customers.


Think Bitch.

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Posted on May 19

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