How Teams Succeed

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  1. Think back to a winning sports team you followed.
  2. How'd you feel?
  3. How'd your fellow fans feel?

You thought you were the kings of the world, flying sky-high, rocking the world to infinity and beyond.

That winning team you followed made you:

  1. more confident
  2. success-oriented
  3. happier

And, when you lost, what happened?

  • *!$-!-^@!$-PIECE-OF^@$^!%HIPPO!!

With every loss:

  1. Your confidence drained.
  2. You looked forward to failure.
  3. You wanted to escape a million miles away.

You felt like Notre Dame.


"WHY?!" you cried.

The Value of Victories

Fighting a freakish goal that takes several months/years to accomplish?

  • Your team will be "losing" every step of the way toward that drawn-out victory.

Instead, tattoo this to your huge biceps:

The Winning Gameplan

  1. Victories -- no matter how small/insignificant/etc. -- builds confidence among peeps.
  2. People want to be part of winning teams.
  3. That makes them super-rifically-ka-duper more excited to rock toward success.
  4. ...resulting in productively-ridiculosity work.
  5. ...resulting in fatter profits to provide for your company.

According to Harvard's Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Walter Kiechel and their research:

Confidence [involves] positive behaviors such as open communication, self-scrutiny, respect, teamwork, accountability, collaboration, and initiative that result in winning. In turn, winning breeds greater confidence and raises the company to an even higher level.

Winning = more confidence = more winning = high-five!


  1. Set short 1-day/half-hour/1-hour goals.
  2. Set yourselves on pace to achieve victories-upon-victories.


Sweet victories. Constantly.

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Posted on May 14

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