Why Aim for Small Goals

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  1. You aim to build one ridiculously large project.
  2. You complete nothing.

Contrast that with this beautiful thang:

  1. You aim for a small goal; you complete it.
  2. You expand that small goal to a slightly bigger goal.
  3. You complete that too. You gradually go larger.

Gunning for Everest's top prevents you from seeking progress; yet, aiming for Everest's little-tiny-mini basecamps gets you moving upward-and-upward-and-upward ' everyday.

Small-achievable-easy-simple goals get you moving efficiently. Yes, Go Big ' But'

Indeed, have that larger goal in mind; but, don't depend on it.

Using that larger goal to inspire your work won't get you sufficient daily progress.

Small goals ' on the other hand ' excite you to complete something by today ' everyday.

  • Erina: Today?
  • Tebow: Yeah! Today!

The Beauty of Aiming Small

Think of Newton's Laws of Motion:

  • Force = Mass x Acceleration
  • An object in motion tends to stay in motion.

When you aim for a big project'

  1. You complete nothing ' until you complete that big project.
  2. Because you've completed nothing, you'll have to use tremendous force/energy/mighty-mite-mite to finally complete that big project.

Momentum says Boo! to You.

When you aim for tiny projects'

  1. You complete one small goal easily/efficiently/quickly.
  2. You've built momentum to complete a follow-up small goal.
  3. You gradually increase momentum to pile on more small goals.

Getting into the habit of completing things makes it easier to complete more things.

Momentum loves you. Real-World Examples of The Small Magic

Examples to inspire your compa-nay: Facebook:

  1. Founder Zuckerberg dude aimed to build a social network for his school.
  2. He turned it into a social networking multi-billion-dollar empire.


  1. Sammy aimed to build the most fabulous little convenience store in town.
  2. He gradually turned that little store into the world's largest retail empire in the world.


  1. Sergey and Larry aimed to complete a research project on search engines.
  2. They transformed it into a revolutionary company rivaling the biggest market caps in the world.


Aim For The Small

Small things drive you to complete bigger things.

You'll automatically drive yourself to start beautifying/expanding/empowering what you just completed ' for on-and-on-and-on.

Winner = You.

Think small. Let big come.

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Posted on April 09

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