How to Increase Brainpower

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You're working like a crazy @^^^@.

  1. You trying to complete Task ABC for a client by tonight.
  2. But, you've lost yourself by the many gory details that you haven't comprehended.
  3. As a result, you're using tremendous brainpower to get barely anything done.

You're only 10% there. You feel like you're getting dumberer.

'I've over-exerting my brain!' you scream.

How to Get More Out of Your Brain

Think of it like this:

  • The more you have to think about doing something, the more you use your brain.
  • The less you think = the more you conserve your brainpower fuel. Yay!

How can you do stuff without thinking?

Remember when you first started driving?

  1. You thought about every-frickin'-little-detail about driving correctly.
  2. Your hands were in a 10-and-2 position.
  3. You adjusted all mirrors.
  4. You did safety checks. SAFETY CHECKS.
  5. You ensured you were tightly positioned in your seat.

And yet, you still sucked.

Flash forward 10 years later.

You wake up late, screaming: 'I'm late to an uber-important meeting!!'

  1. You're blasting the radio.
  2. You're switching lanes like it's nobody's business.
  3. You're on your headset doing a call with your boss.
  4. You're eating a frickin' apple. APPLE.
  5. You arrive in style.

What just happened?

When you were:

  • 17 years old: You used your entire brainpower to drive.
  • 27 years old: You barely used any brainpower to drive.


You use less of your brainpower when you set a routine.

  1. You start to think less about performing a task.
  2. It gradually becomes automatic.
  3. You gradually become sexier.

It's like brushing your teeth.

  • Some 3-year-old chump has to look in the mirror.
  • You on the other hand can do it with your eyes closed, while jumping on one foot.

Routines = crazy good = more brainpower fuel conserved for you.


Some productively awesome routines to empower your life + business:

  • Learn 1 new thing everyday.
  • Get employee feedback, weekly.
  • Help a customer rock, daily.
  • Exercise, constantly.
  • Laugh, hourly.

Set some routines. Get more brain. Holla.

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Posted on April 08

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