How to Work Your Performers

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Do this:

  1. Pay Superstar Sally 1.5 times her usual average income.
  2. Then, work her like she's two people.

Sha-bam! You get:

  1. a motivated Sally
  2. productivity at 25% cost savings

Nucor -- achievers of Krrazzy Employee Productivity -- inspired that concept (as researched by one of our favorite gurus). That is, you can rock the shizzlin' out of star performers to become ridiculous overachievers. (And, cut costs too.)

Why Challenge Performers?

You've been to the usual business office:

  1. One dude's struggling to keep up.
  2. The other star dude has already finished, and is now waiting, becoming increasingly bored, and anxious to do sumthin' sumthin'.

But, what do companies with those star players do after they've finished Task ABC? They give them busy work, like boxing up boxes -- draining their desire to work fab-taculous-ly. BOO!

Say NO! to The Tedious

Star performers:

  • love work
  • love rocking big goals
  • love pushing themselves to excel

That's who they are. That's how their parents raised them. You give them a day to plan a company bike trip across state, and they'll give you:

  1. a detailed map, with turn-by-turn directions, for the trip
  2. maintenance checklists to ensure proper bike conditions
  3. recommended dress attire, riding technique, and safety preparedness docs
  4. anecdotes from the experienced with what to expect
  5. a mini website with all resources posted
  6. sweet little fanny-packs filled with energy bars, mini first-aid kits, sunscreen, water bottles, and other goodies for everybody

They're overachieving bastards who have an inner need to rock the bizattchi out of anything and everything. Their mentality drives them to exponentially complete more than the Average Joes -- oh-so-much-more.

Sidebar: How do you identify star performers?

Here's the difference between star performers and those little suck-ups who desperately want to make love with their bosses:

  • Star performers seek excellence because they can't settle for anything less.
  • Suck-ups want promotions.

Seek Superstars. Witness Magical Work.

Smaller companies filled with star performers will annihilate much larger companies any day of the week. They:

  1. get a few folks who can accomplish more than larger competitors
  2. generously pay those star performers
  3. massively save on costs by steering clear of several mediocre peeps


  1. Fill your company with only those star performers.
  2. Pay them more than industry averages.
  3. Challenge them with ridiculous work.

Then, witness massive productivity.

Reward challenge.


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Posted on February 11

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