How to Be Knowledgeable

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What would you do?

  • a) Learn what's more important for tomorrow.
  • b) Learn what's more important for ten years from now.

But...what if you could do both (a) and (b)? That is:

  1. You learn something that you could apply soon.
  2. You learn something that you could also apply ten years from now.

You'd reach:

Peak Learning Goodness

You learn to the maximum-of-the-super-maximum by encompassing what you could apply for the rest of your ridiculously dope life. Advantage: You, for eternity.

Learning What?

Having knowledge that you could use for the rest of your life compounds your advantages for your future situations. We call that stuff your Lifelong-Learning-Knowledge Juice (LLKJs). For instance: Take Sue.

  1. Sue learns about how managers make their employees excel.
  2. Sue volunteers as a youth basketball coach.
  3. Sue applies her management wisdom to Streetblue Ballers.

Or, a more direct business analogy:

  1. Sue learns how to optimize her little 3-person-team performance.
  2. Sue becomes CEO.
  3. Sue applies her knowledge of rocking small teams by building hundreds of little teams -- each optimized for maximum performance -- and, collectively forming one ridiculous company.

Lifelong knowledge = Gifts that keep giving -- if you're looking. But where to look?

Where to Focus Yo-Self

Learn what's needed; but, dig deeper, and uncover what you can use for the rest of your life. For example:

  • Learn how to cook Mushroom Risottos, but focus on delivering delectable meals.
  • Learn the Python programming language, but focus on programming methodologies.
  • Learn to give your introductory speech, but focus on communicating your message.

In other words: Learn what you need for tomorrow; but, focus on what you can grasp for a lifetime.

How to Exploit Your Juice

Think of a little compartment in your brain that stores your LLKJs. More of that knowledge juice gives you more advantages to rock out. For example:

Sue, who uses her several LLKJs, including knowledge of (1) optimizing teams, (2) managing egos, (3) handling conflicts, (4) exploiting individual strengths has a much greater basketball coaching advantage over Joe Schmo who starts coaching completely from scratch.

Win: Sue. The more you fill your brain with lifelong useful stuff, the greater advantages you'll give yourself. So, to rock out super-FAB-tastically:

  1. Repeatedly fill up more LLKJs into your brain's compartment that stores them.
  2. Use those juices liberally in anything you do to your advantage.

The result:

  1. You exploit knowledge that took you years to accumulate.
  2. Joe Schmos of the world would need years to catch up to learn what you specifically know.
  3. Therefore, you increase your chances of rocking -- significantly.


Life-long-useful stuff. Scrumptious.


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Posted on January 28

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