Why Let Your People Fire People

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You hire Teddy. Teddy seems like a great hire:

  1. He went to a great school.
  2. He had a stellar GPA.
  3. He made the Dean's List all 4 years.
  4. He has great references.

Teddy, you might think, would be an awesome asset to your company.

What could go wrong?

Well, what if Teddy's a real donkey's behind? What if:

  1. Teddy brings a sense of entitlement?
  2. Teddy contaminates your company's culture?
  3. Teddy drains your workers' morale?
  4. Teddy belittles every-!@^^%-thing?

Would you know?

Probably not. Teddy wouldn't tell you. He'd put up a false front to cheer his boss. But, behind your back, there's a whole soap opera performing:

  1. Politics galore.
  2. Morale destroyed by the hour.
  3. Cliques forming.
  4. Mutual trust disappearing.
  5. People severely distracted from their work.

Result: exponential productivity drainage.

When were you most passionate about your job?

  1. You got up everyday looking forward to work.
  2. Your productivity appreciably grew.
  3. Something excited you about the place.
  4. You felt you were part of something ridiculously good.

Why'd love it? Many things; probably the top one, however: The People. (You'd die for those sonsofbitches.)

Why Let Your People Make People Decisions

If you could filter the sucky people out of your workplace, how'd you feel about your work? To exponentially rock productivity, Rock Star Sally has to actively want to work with her team members before she can capitalize on her ridiculous strengths. That ensures undeterred focus on the work -- not on people politics. Letting your best team members dictate who they want helps maintain the continuity of your company's culture to rock. Any others who don't fit just serve as distractions. Let your team filter them out.

Freedom to the people.


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Posted on January 11

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