Why You Ain't Happy

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For all you entrepreneurial business peeps, your goals might resemble something similar:

  1. "By next month, I'll sell 20% more. Then, I'll be happy."
  2. "By Month 3, I'll sell 35% more. Then, I'll be happier."
  3. "By Month 4, I'll sell 50% more. Then, I'll be even happier."
  4. "Yay! High-fives all-around! Booyah!"

Two scenarios could happen:

  1. "I didn't reach my goals. I'm not happy."
  2. "I reached my goals. But, I'm not happy as I expected."


Why Johnny Ain't Happy

Johnny's mindset:

  1. "I expect Situation X will happen in the future."
  2. "I conclude Situation X will make me happy."

But uh-oh: According to Harvard's researcher Daniel Gilbert, conventional "happiness" is fleeting -- and we trick our minds into believing something that really won't happen. If you've ever:

  1. bought a new car
  2. got a that coveted birthday gift
  3. dated your dream boy/girl
  4. got a big raise
  5. had your wedding
  6. yadda!

You'd realize something after receiving something you just oh-so-totally thought would change your world:

  1. "Yo! I'm not as happy as I thought I would be."
  2. "My level of happiness just returned to normal."
  3. "But wait! Maybe chasing a different goal will make me really happy..."

(That vicious cycle of chasing happiness won't stop.) So, we all wonder:

  • "Where's happiness?"

Do this:

Say NO! to Chasing Happiness

If Johnny-boy ain't happy now, he won't get that happiness he desires even if he gets what covets. Falling into the anticipated-happiness-trap will disappoint him and you every-effin-time.

How to Be Happy

If you want to sense supreme happiness, try this:

  1. Choose a customer.
  2. Help that customer using your world-class gifts, as much as your freakishly can.
  3. Experience ridiculous happiness.

(Or if your butt has no customers, try helping somebody -- anybody.)

  • Help two more peeps? Experience more happiness.
  • Help three more? See even more happiness!
  • Four more? Caution: You're entering sexy happiness time.

According to research on happiness from the London School of Economics: The more impact you feel you have on the world, the happier you'll be. So:

  1. Switch your mindset from "What can I get?" to "How can I mutha-!@^^% give?"
  2. Experience sweet happiness.

Affect the world. Be happy.


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Posted on September 24

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