How to Destroy Mental Weaknesses

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Say you suck at talking to people. Wait, make that: You believe you suck, so you suck.

  1. You think you're socially awkward.
  2. So, you mess up your words.
  3. You ultimately have absolutely zilch confidence socially.

So, how do you overcome that mental suckiness? You do it by manipulating your brain into believing: "Hey, I don't really suck at all!" But, wait, you're thinking:

  1. "I've already heard that advice some over-and-over-and..."
  2. "I tried the positive thinking already! It never works for me!"
  3. "I always return to my old habits, anyway."

El Solucion? Positively lie to yourself every-frickin-day, until you actually believe what you're saying. We'll explain.

How People Manipulate Their Brains

Think back to an argument about something you absolutely-positively-100% knew for certain your stance was correct.

  1. You studied the topic for years.
  2. You knew it cold.
  3. You had the facts to back it up.

Then comes Know-It-All-Ernie. The conversation might have went a little something like this:

  1. You: "Dude, you can't predict the future."
  2. Ernie: "Bull! You can predict the future."
  3. You: "I have the facts to back it up. Here's some hard data from the HBR, WSJ, and several peer-reviewed journals."
  4. Ernie: "Bull! See Steve Jobs. He can tell the future."
  5. You: "But what about the Apple Lisa, the Apple Cube, etc.?"
  6. Ernie: ", dude. You are wrong."

Then Ernie rambles on about how Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Walt Disney, Malcolm Goldman, etc, etc, etc, could tell futures -- and how we would do the same, and get frickin' rich. When you handed him hard data, experimental studies, and empirical evidence disproving his argument -- why did he ignore the data, stuck with his original argument? It's because of this: When Ernie repeatedly tells himself "X causes Y", he'll believe it's an absolute fact that "X causes Y" -- even if evidence tells him otherwise. You repeatedly tell yourself something, you'll believe it. That's why logical fallacies abound in:

  • Political arguments.
  • Health care.
  • Cults.
  • Teens.
  • Business strategies.
  • Paris Hilton.

Repeatedly tell yourself "X causes Y"? You'll soon believe it as fact. The great Napoleon Hill calls that "autosuggestion":

  • "Your mind will believe almost anything (true or not) that you tell yourself repeatedly."

How to Brainwash Your Mind for the Good

If you can easily trick your brain by repeatedly telling yourself something, how do you use those krraaazzy powers positively? Attack mental weaknesses. Regularly tell yourself positive lies.

  • You're a "lousy" presenter? "I move mountains with my voice."
  • You're a "horrible" finisher? "I'm a badass finisher."
  • You "suck" socially? "I'm a great talker, bitches."

Repeat those 'lies' until you start believing those them as facts. You'll not only freakishly boost your confidence, but more importantly: You'll act accordingly to how you perceive yourself to be. Brainwash yourself for the good:

Lie positively, daily.


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Posted on August 27

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