How To Live Fearlessly

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Scenario: "Dude, I suck when I sell my rhinos. !@^^%!"

Why We Continually Suck

Think about doing something you fear. What happens?

  • You unconsciously remember your bad experiences.
  • You relive them -- repeatedly, magnifying your fears even further.

Peep this:

The Scenario

You're about to make that big pitch that scares the mutha-effa out of you. Immediately, your subconcious:

  1. recalls your sucky pitch experiences
  2. revokes the consequences
  3. revives the embarrassments

CEO Jane's in the corner. It's your move:

  • make your perfect pitch to...
  • win the perfect contract that will...
  • perfect your business.

Yet, your recall of bad experiences intensifies your fears -- as you go up to her:

  • You: "Uhh...I...borrow...your...time...?"
  • "No, cuz-yuz-a-biatch," she tells you. "Be gone."

Remembering traumatic experiences makes you vulnerable to future experiences, ensuring you'll mess up repeatedly future. But, there's hope to rid those fears: Consciously ignore bad experiences, and you'll see fears fly far-far-far away.

Why Suppress Bad Experiences

Consider Situation A; Situation A makes your heart tremble.

  • You ignore A once, you fear it less.
  • You ignore A the following day, you fear it even less.
  • You ignore A next week, you fear it even much less.

Gradually, you're tricking cleaning your brain of the icky stuff. Rule of thumb: The more you block your bad experiences from your mind, the less fearful you'll become of similar ones in the future. According to a groundbreaking study by neuroscientists at the University of Colorado, fears dwindle when you consciously ignore the mutha-effas:

By scanning the brains of 16 healthy adults who had been shown gruesome photographs, researchers from the University of Colorado in Boulder discovered subjects' memory circuits slowed when they were instructed to push mental images of the photos from their minds.

So, scream it aloud:

"Be Gone, Itches!"

Sure, learning from bad experiences makes you kick ass; but:

  1. Housing them in your mind too long gets you freakish fearful.
  2. Freakish fearfulness sets you up for more failures.

Boo. So, whenever you feel like reliving them:

  • Sing a song.
  • Dance a little.
  • Jump around.
  • Grub on a carne asada burrito with Cholua hot sauce.

Consciously ignoring your bad memories crushes obstacles that hold you down -- letting you fearlessly rock the world.

Ignore dem mofos.


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Posted on July 18

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