How to Breathe Smarter

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Scenario: "Dude, just breathe in fully. You'll be smarter and calmer. Yay!"

To be smarter/calmer/wittier to build your business, your brain needs oxygen.

  1. If your brain has insufficient oxygen, you'll remember/comprehend/do less.
  2. So, conventional wisdom might think that "to breathe correctly", you must "breathing in fully!"
  3. But, conventional wisdom sucks.

You could try breathing in fully, but your brain won't use that fresh bulk of oxygen you want.

So, what do you do?

Start exhaling like a mutha-!@^^%.

(You'll subconsciously inhale fully when you consciously exhale fully.)

Why Exhale?

Exhaling removes the bad stuff: carbon dioxide -- from your lungs.

That leaves room for the good stuff -- rich oxygen -- to enter your bloodstream, providing your brain with sexy "smart" fuel.

Think of it this way:

The Analogy

  1. Your breakfast bowl is filled with old/soggy/fugly cereal.
  2. You're hungry, so you buy new cereal.
  3. Now, your bowl can only hold so much cereal.

What do you do?

  1. To enjoy the new cereal, you must empty the obsolete cereal that's already in your bowl.
  2. That will leave you more room for fresher/cooler/awesomer delicious new cereal.

Similarly, to enjoy new richer oxygen during every inhalation, empty the carbon dioxide waste through bold/full/rich exhalations.

"Release mutha-!@^^%!"

Consciously exhale; don't think about inhaling.

When you force yourself to exhale, you free your body to take in fuller oxygen through subconscious inhalations.

You'll soon see yourself taking in rich amounts oxygen to empower your brain.

El Rulo Thumbo

The more fully you exhale, the smarter you become.

That is, the more oxygen your brain gets, the more you boost your brainpower.

So remove that ugly, nasty, fugly air because it's just toxins that's slowly burning your brain juice.

Free yo brain. Exhale.


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Posted on July 09

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