Why Hire Interns

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Scenario: "Dude, I could only afford middle-school dropouts. !@^^%-!@^^%^. Ahh!" How do most small companies hire their full-timers?

  1. Interview Sammy.
  2. Scrutinize Sammy's resume.
  3. If Sammy seems good, hire Sammy -- giving him salary/full-benefits.
  4. Spend 42810498018421 resources training Sammy.

But like half of all employees hired, what if Sammy sucks?

You've just wasted 9809841084210890428140927492180 tons of time, money, resources, yadda. By then, you'll have two options:

  • a) "If we fire Sammy, we'll take a major hit to our bottom line!"
  • b) "If we keep Sammy, we'll conserve major resources -- but his wacky attitude can ultimately affect our entire culture."

Pretty shady options. Instead, reduce your risks by hiring interns first. (If they're good, you've found yourself solid full-time candidates.) Yay!

Who Uses Interns

Remember those high-flying companies recruiting interns on your college campus way-back-in-the-day? Oh yeah, lots of 'em -- some including:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • McKinsey
  • Yahoo
  • Wachtell
  • Apple
  • Cravath
  • Sullcrom
  • Credit Suisse
  • GE
  • P&G
  • Intel
  • Starbucks
  • Toyota
  • Southwest
  • Fedex
  • Google
  • J&J

(Yeah, that list could go on for another million.) Almost all high-flying companies -- no matter how awesome, hire interns. Ironically, those who could use them most -- small businesses and startups -- don't. And, that's why they're destroying their potential. If you're running a small business, hiring interns could be the most cost-effective way to empower your business's bottom line.

Why Use Interns

Interns are freakishly affordable for any business. If we had the choice between choosing an employee or an intern at the same costs, we'd choose the intern almost every-frickin'-time.


  1. They're likelier to bring outside-the-box methods.
  2. They bring the youthful enthusiasm needed in most companies.
  3. They're ready to put their marks on the world.
  4. They're excited and open to new ideas.
  5. They consume much less resources.

And, as a sweet bonus: most come drama-free. Most importantly, internships act as "try-outs" for full-time positions at your company. That: (1) conserve massive costs, and (2) ensures you're getting only those who rock.

"So, how do I hire interns?"

Ambitious interns -- i.e. good ones -- would rather invest in their futures than choose quick money. As their mindset goes: "Hey, I'll make 99.99% of my money in the future. So, I'll need to invest in that future. Yay!" They're not worrying about:

  1. Mortgages.
  2. Kids & tuitions.
  3. Electric bills.
  4. Family vacation trips.
  5. Yadda, yadda.

So, Kick-Ass Intern Johnny would rather work minimum-wage growing lines of businesses for your company than serve hamburgers at $20/hour. Here's our checklist that always works well when finding those solid interns:

  • a) Do you know their passions?
  • b) Do you know their goals?
  • c) Can your company fulfill (a) and (b)?

If you can offer opportunities that ignites Janie's passions -- and tie into her future goals, you'll have an awesome shot at landing an amazing intern.

Interns = Yay.


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Posted on April 09

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