Why You Don't Matter

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Scenario: "Dude, everything has to go through me. I'll single-handedly make billions for us. Yay!" Most entrepreneurs -- and we love 'em -- try to get their hands on every-frickin'-thing.

  • "My reputation's on the line!" they say.
  • "Only I know how to provide the best service!" they scream.
  • "I have the experience!" they think.

But when you do everything, you destroy your freakish potential to fatten your company's profits like a mofo with wings.

"But, why don't I matter?"

First, we'll qualify: You do matter, you-sexy-you -- but not like how you might expect. If you're like most business-builders, the dollars you generate for your company correlates to the time you spend working.

  • That is, the ratio of "You/Profit" always equals a non-zero number -- meaning that your business generates cash only when you're working.

(We define the variables specifically as - "You": time you spent working; "Profit": company profits generated) For instance:

  • If your crazy ass fell off a cliff, your business generates: $0.
  • If you took a vacation, your business generates: $0.
  • If you went to a conference, your business generates: $0.
  • If you celebrated your birthday, your business generates :$0.
  • If you went rock climbing, your business generates: $0.

Unless you're some supernatural badass, you're running on limited time. You can only do a certain number of things -- to generate the company $$$ -- before it's sleepy-sleepy time. Time limits you to how much money you can generate for your business.


What if your badass could generate profits while:

  1. You're sleeping?
  2. You're snorkeling in the Bahamas?
  3. You're auditioning on American Idol?
  4. You're watching Oprah?

How financially sweet would that be? Oh-so-sweet:

  1. Your business would generate income without your blood, sweat, and tears (i.e. your presence, time, energy).
  2. More importantly, you'd free yourself to work on additional opportunities to fatten your business's profits even further.

(The best of both worlds. Sexy-fab.) Folks, getting to ^2 separates the ridiculously-filthy-rich companies from the "just-getting-by" folks. That's the secret to all the high-flying companies you see gracing the covers of Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Time, and Newsweek.

"So, how can my company generate profits without my booty there?"

Simply, fatten profits by making: "You/Profit" = 0. That is, find ways to make your business rake in $$$ regardless of your presence. Consider this demonstration:

Grammie and The Chocolate Coffee Factory

Grammie serves delicious chocolate coffee in the Midwest. The town raves about her customer service. For every transaction, she:

  1. Gives a menu.
  2. Takes the order.
  3. Makes the coffee.

Without her presence, her company generates: $0. Now after reading this article, Grammie seeks fatten profits by making "You/Profit" = 0 -- meaning her coffee business will generate cash without her presence.


  1. She hangs a big-giant-frickin' menu in a prominent place for customers.
  2. She hires young college kids, and gives them a sweet manual on (1) making coffee, and (2) taking orders.
  3. She incorporates a 100% satisfaction-guarantee -- adjusting for lost sales by reducing the wages of an offending employee. (That ensures consistently great customer service.)


  1. While she's not there, her coffee business: "Ka-mutha-ching!"
  2. Net-effect: "Hey, let's work on an additional Tea business. Yay!"

She goes on to build a super-dope business that rocks the world like it ain't no thang but an juiced-up ostrich on a string.

The Billion-Dollar Cycle

To build your ridiculously-filthy-rich company:

  1. Step ^1: Automate the business.
  2. Step ^2: Work on additional opportunity.
  3. Step ^3: Repeat Step ^1.

Sexy. The simple equation to rock your business:

Fatten profits by making "You/Profit" = 0.


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Posted on March 06

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