Why the Little Things Rock

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Scenario: "Dude, if we just won that project, we'd be so happy. Yay!" Remember landing some "big" new customer?

  1. Before that occurred: "Gosh dang it. If I only Client Timmy to sign the contract, I'd be so happy. Yay!"
  2. When he signed it, your first five minutes: "Yay! I so happy."
  3. After those five minutes? "Aw shucks. I'm not as happy as I should be right now. Ahh!"

Your happiness level dissipated until you went right back to where you started: "Now, if I only got this other thing ______________, I'd be so happy. Yay!" That vicious cycle continues until you're 85-years old -- on your rocker, wondering what the !@^^% happened. "So how I prevent those fleeting moments of happiness?" Savor each and every little winning moment -- realizing that you're a badass at every juncture of your crazy life. We'll explain.

What Makes You Happy

Quick pop-quiz for ya: If you're like most, what would make you happier?

  • Option A: Winning a one-time $10 million check.
  • Option B: Winning $20 every week, unexpectedly -- in different ways, for the rest of your life.

"Since option (b) won't net me more than $100,000, the rational answer would be (a)!" you tell yourself. Not quite. If you answered (b): Ding! Ding! Mutha Ding! You're right. According to researchers and scholars on happiness at Penn, it's the little things that make you bubbly:

  • Getting out of bed with a sexy smile.
  • Enjoying breakfast like it's your last meal.
  • Hugging your crazy kids/parents/pets every night.
  • Smiling at some creepy stranger.
  • Giving gratitude your kick-booty personnel.
  • Looking up at the sky and affirming what a badass your really are.

Yeah, you could tell yourself today that if you just got: _________, you'd be oh-so-happier. But then -- and we'll be a little philosophical on your behind -- you're letting your ridiculously sexy life pass by you. You could aim for a moment of happiness, or you could jump into the mutha-!@^^%^ ocean of happiness. As our man Benjamin Franklin once said: "Human felicity is produc'd not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day."

Enjoy the little things. They're sexier.


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Posted on February 23

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