How to Succeed Like the 10%

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Scenario: "Dude, I give up. It wasn't meant to be. I suck. Ahh!" What causes most people to fail?

  • a) They suck.
  • b) They lack skills.

If you answered (b), Ding! Ding! Mutha Ding! You're right. And, a super badass. According to a Dun & Bradstreet study, 90% of businesses fail after five years. On the direct contrary, 90% of businesses succeed when they're guided by experts. If you want to rock your business like it ain't no thang but a chicken wing on a string, start getting fabulous expertise.

How to Get Expertise

You could do it one of three ways (preferably, a combo of all 3 works optimally):

1) Build it over time.

  1. Your business and its industry is a big-giant-learning-lesson.
  2. You don't hear about overnight success stories because they happen 0.000001% of the time.
  3. Instead, those who succeed settle in the long-haul.
  4. They seek small wins, that gradually build up to better and bigger wins.

The drawback to this: It takes time.

  • Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Peyton Manning needed more than 10 years to develop into their professional positions.
  • Jack Welch needed decades of training before he could lead his company.
  • You hear parallel stories with successful business-builders (both small & large).

If you really want to rock the world in your businesses' industry, prepare yourself for the enduring expedition. If you keep a tight hold on your resources, you'll get there.

2) Hire a kick-ass consultant.

  1. Unlike doing it by yourself, you can quicken up your success story by piggy-backing on someone else's expertise.
  2. Yeah, you'll still need to experience it for yourself.
  3. But, getting from Point A to Point B becomes much faster.

The drawback to this:

  1. Benjamins, Benjamins, Bejamins.
  2. A consultant can be ridiculously expensive.
  3. And -- unless you're hiring somebody who knows their stuff, they're likely rehashing stuff that you can pick at the local bookstore.

3) Surround yourself with awesome mentors.

The great thing about mentors: You get customized information on how to rock your individual business -- for mutha-@^^%^& free.

  1. If someone wants to mentor you, you know that awesome person is a true badass with a heart of gold.
  2. Those mensches are the best people to be around.
  3. Unlike some opportunistic consultants you might find, the mentors won't limit the advice they give you.
  4. Instead, expect above-and-beyond custom info that will rock your business.

The drawback to this:

  • If you're in an obscure industry, you might find it difficult to find a mentor for your badass.
  • Further, don't expect non-paid mentors to devote as much time as you want.

But if that happens, here's something you could do: Give them something (e.g. a book, a dinner, a dolphin). Preferably, give those gifts before they give you any advice. By rule of psychology: if you do it sincerely, that opens them up more to you. Don't know where to find a mentor? BAM! (Have fun with that shizzle. They rock.)

Don't Forget the Internet

  1. Tremendous amount of information.
  2. You could almost find whatever you need online.

The downside:

  • The internet's filled with conflicting advice.
  • Most "experts" claim they're experts, but don't take their word as gospel.

If they can't back up their shizzle with hard facts/figures/studies/experiments, start running.

Are You Living Up to Your True Badass Potential?

Take a look at how many people are mentoring/coaching/advancing you, right now. That should give you a clue to how much you're realizing your true-badass-potential-quality-score (a.k.a. TBPQS). The rule of thumb: The more you surround yourself with awesome people, the more successful you'll become. To succed, start asking yourself:

"Where's my mutha-@^^%^& Dream Team?"

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

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Posted on February 14

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