What's the best business idea in the world?

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Get working.

Simple. Sweet. Poetic. Yet, why aren't the seemingly 90% of so-called "entrepreneurs-with-many-ideas" doing anything? Here's why sitting on your butt trying to come up with the next "perfect idea" won't get you anywhere:
  1. You waste productivity time.

    If you're waiting for your "perfect idea," we wish you luck. Doing that forces you to be a perfectionist -- that is, you'll wait for the "perfect time" to start "perfecting" that idea. That stalls you from doing anything for the rest of your life, until you're on your deathbed croaking: "What if I weren't a ^^%&@^ talker?"
  2. You provide no value to the profitable world who wants to pay you -- now.

    One-hundred-freakin-percent of companies out there can improve their services. Their efficiency. Their solutions. Their marketing. Their operations. Etc. Etc. Etc. Instead of finding new and innovative ideas, why don't we entrepreneurs start improving the shizzle out of something that sucks. A ridiculous amount of customers and businesses could use your help. When you're sitting on your butt, who's going to help them? Probably next-door office neighbor Billy who's providing value to customers now, and also discovering something else that you probably won't -- which brings us to the next point...
  3. You'll find no marketable kick-ass-just-in-time ideas.

    Great, profitable ideas don't come from the desk; they come from walking the streets, talking to folks, finding how you can provide value to VP Smithers. When you're living in the real world, you're doing market research, marketing, bootstrapping, and selling all at the same time. You know what the market wants -- not what you think it wants.
Some of the most profitable ideas didn't result from sitting around; they resulted from people doing something: real-world experimenting, talking to people, exploiting opportunities. A candy bar invented the microwave oven. The crappiest adhesive tape invented the Post-it Note. Burdock seeds paved the way for Velcro. Those ideas didn't need its inventors to sit around, chillin' like a villain, sketching the "perfect" widget. Instead, their inventors decided to do something. Anything. The template for the talkers:

Shut up, and do something.

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Posted on July 25

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