Why You Should Stop Planning Now

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Day 1: I've got to plan this out. Day 30: I'm almost there. Year 1: Just need to refine this. Year 30: Just....almost. Deathbed: Blah. Most of us may talk a good game, but when it comes to executing and making decisions -- we blow.

Why Planning Sucks

At Trizzy, we were victims of that catastrophe when we started. Like most of you entrepreneurs, we had great plans and big idealistic dreams. So, we did what others with huge ambitions usually do: we took out a notebook; then with a cocky attitude: put down our plans to conquer the universe. 365 days later? We're still on our notebook. That went on for another 2 years. Imagine going a good 700 days without executing a thing.

And the worst part?

We threw away our grand-master plans when we finally jumped in. As Lincoln once said, plans are useless once you go into battle.

All the planning in the world won't build your great business.

Making quick decisions will. Even making bad decisions drives you to learn more about your situation -- and adapt accordingly. Says New Millennium Chairman David N. James:

One of the great executives of Ford, where I worked 35 years ago, used to say: "If you've got ten decisions to make and you spend all your time making just four, then you've made six wrong decisions." In fact, not taking a decision is worse than making the wrong one because it is often easier to manage your way out of a bad decision than to recover from the consequences of delay.

If you're looking to build a great business, stop planning. Instead, start cramming as many decisions as you can within a day. Then, start dreaming of your future Fortune 500.

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Posted on July 14

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