"Why is My Business Startup Failing?"

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Thinking about starting a successful business startup is one thing; but actually doing it is quite another experience. When we started Trizzy two and a half years ago as a computer consulting company, we thought we'd rule the world within a few months. Then, a few months passed. Then, another two. And, another two. Then, a year. We worked hard, but we would've been embarrassed asking an accountant to do our business taxes. We made zilch that first year. Second year? Not better. We poured our hearts and spirits into the company, worked late-nights, and never received the results we expected. What was happening to our company? Why was our business startup failing? We could've applied for consulting gigs at more established firms, and our lives would've been much easier. But those consulting firms didn't have the philosophy we had: helping our clients change the world through their businesses. So, we continued persevering. By good fortune, and a mountain of persistence, looking back now: it was worth it. We're not where we want to be, yet. But, we're still fighting. "I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward." -Thomas Edison Companies that you see successful didn't start out that way. Sam Walton built his company for 7 years before people started noticing his discount retail shop. Colonel Sanders took years to develop his trademarked recipe, went to 1009 stores to sell his recipe, and was rejected every time. Walt Disney didn't do much better: he was rejected 302 times for an idea of a theme park. Thomas Edison had an enormous number of failures before he found success. Is the point perseverence? Not exactly. That's too simplistic. The point is: learn first from your mistakes. As author Jim Collins calls it, learn the "brutal facts" of why you've failed in your business startup. When you understand why, you'll understand how persevering will get you closer to that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

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Posted on April 02

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