How To Be More Productive

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  1. You rid 10 same spam emails daily.
  2. It takes two minutes.
  3. "it's no big deal!" you tell yourself.

That seemingly trivial task destroys you long-term.

  • You lose two minutes daily.
  • 1 week? That's a quarter of an hour wasted.
  • That means you lose ~12 hours per year (1.5 days of work your boot-tay could've saved helping your clients rock the mother $&@%^ wooooorld).

We get so caught up in finding some magic pill to increase our productivity that we don't do what really matters:

  1. Focusing on the little things.
  2. Making small improvements to save time.
  3. Repeating the two above eternally.

What's sucking up your daily schedule?

The two step process:

  1. Identifythe daily fat.
  2. Cut the fat.

You start saving ridiculous amounts of time by focusing on the little improvements, that over the long-term gives you BIGTIMESAVEDWIN!!!!!

Time Saved

See samples:

  • 2 minutes saved daily? 12 hours/year
  • 10 minutes? 60 hours
  • 30 minutes? 180 hours (1 month of work)
  • 1 hour? 360 hours (2 months)
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

Time Win

Little-by-little with continuous improvement on the little things, you start cutting fats all over the place, saving months/days/years to be even more productive.


  • Unsubscribe SUCK stuff from inbox.
  • Say NO! to browsing websites aimlessly.
  • Do meetings through email.
  • Avoid rush hour.
  • Delegate payroll.
  • Exercise (and/or eat better) to help you work SUPERFAST, saving you even more time.
  • The yaddas.

Sample goals:

  • Today: 'I will save 2 daily minutes.'
  • Tomorrow: 'I will save 5 daily minutes.'
  • End of the week: 'I will save 10 daily minutes.'

The little things.

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Posted on December 02

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