How to Develop Good Employees

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King Kong CEO:

  1. rips his employees for mistakes
  2. confines them to roles within strict boundaries
  3. treats them like cost items on a balance sheet

What results?

  • scared employees
  • uncreative employees
  • unproductive employees

King Kong CEO creates a political culture where employees hate the environment, the work, and the CEO.

It's the typical horribly-$^@-managed company.

Business Management = Not Hard

Managing a business is like being a good parent.

That's it.

A kid grows up in an environment where:

  • wins are cherished
  • challenges are big but beatable
  • and mistakes are quickly forgotten

That kid becomes more self-assertive and becomes more confident in his/her abilities.

Likewise, employees who grow in a nurturing environment:

  • take more initiative
  • take more risks
  • produce more output

The nurturing environment:

  • values every contribution
  • understands precisely their members' goals and weaknesses
  • knows what motivates each team member to excel
  • makes every one of their employees self-sufficient to do what's necessary

Employee Eddie starts getting into the productively-good habits -- as his company builds a nurturing environment where he and his fellow team members can succeed and thrive.

Innovative companies involve every single one of their team members continuously innovating every aspect of the company -- from hiring new team members to acting on customer feedback to building new products.

Cultivate a ridiculously nurturing environment to help your company's team members take initiative, innovate, and improve your company by X multiple.

Parenting skillz.


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Posted on May 21

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