How to Not Suck as a Boss

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Ever work under a maniacal boss who kicks you to the curb when something goes wrong? In our opinion, most bosses have little grasp on how to properly manage people, let alone run a business or an organization.

Most workers hate their bosses, for good reason:

  • "I'm right. You are wrong. Obey me," they preach and pout.
  • "I'm higher on the organizational chart. That means I'm better than you. Obey me." the arrogance goes.
  • "Wrong. Horrible. Do it again," says the power-hungry, hierarchical bastards sitting on their ivory towers thinking they're kings of the jungle.

Three simple, sweet messages for you maniacal bosses:

  1. When something fails, take responsibility.

    Your employee misses a deadline. You blame him for negligence. All his fault, you say. Whose fault is it, really? Yours. You didn't communicate clearly enough. You didn't give good enough directions. You placed him with the wrong people. The list goes on. It's within your control to determine your outcomes. Always. So, start taking responsibility. Get in that mindset: "Whenever something fails, it's my fault." If an employee truly does suck: "It's my fault for making a bad hiring decision."
  2. Soon, you'll start making ridiculously wise decisions.
  3. Understand employee motivations. Listen. They'll shine for you.

    When Tiffany first signs up as your employee, she has a number of ideas to help you change the world. She's initially ecstatic to join your environmental non-profit organization. Yet, you don't understand her motivations. You don't grasp her capabilities. Sure, you ask her -- but, you don't listen. Instead, you start giving her menial tasks. Go fetch some water for me, you say. Go fix the printer, you demand. Soon, you start getting a walking-working-robotic drone, whose energy and motivation you've dramatically drained. And, all she wanted to do was help you change the world. She could've done so. All you had to do? Listen.
  4. Reverse the organizational chart. You're on the bottom. You'll freakishly change your mindset.

    And we emphasize: freakishly. When you think you're on the bottom of the organizational chart, a weird, fuzzy feeling happens:

    "If I don't serve my employees, they'll fire me."

    It's an amazing mechanism that drives you to deliver results. It drives you to get off your high-horse, and start delivering what you were meant to do: serve your freakin' employees like the kick-ass boss that you are!

The sweet rockin' template:

"I will not suck as a boss by being what most bosses are: an egotistical meanie."

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Posted on July 28

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